Re: 120kV capacitors available

almost certainly a standard energy discharge cap from the 70's.. 1 kJ

$1/pound is the going high surplus (i.e. in a retail store) for this kind of

Won't run at 120 kV in air, I'll bet... The creepage distance from the
terminal to the case is probably short enough that you'd have to run it in
oil or SF6.

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Date: Monday, June 21, 1999 1:15 PM
Subject: 120kV capacitors available

>Original Poster: Alan McIntyre <alan-at-fusion.pair-dot-com>
>Hi all,
>    I was in the local 'you-name-it-we-got-it' store here in Virginia
>Beach, and I saw three 120kV, 0.15uF capacitors for sale.  Looked very
>nice - the cap body was about 1 foot square, 2 ft high, with a single
>terminal about 1ft high (nice ceramic insulator).  If I go back soon, I
>may get a pic if anyone is interested.  Not sure how much they weigh,
>but they're NOT light.  The price was $150 each - which I would reckon
>is a good deal.
>    If anyone is interested, I can get the address/phone # of the place
>(it's called Grande Junquetion).  I don't know if they ship or not.
>Alan McIntyre