RE: LTR Charging vs. Firing Time


>So the optimum firing time for my coil is 3.5mS after the AC line
>voltage.  This works out to 0.0035*60*360 = 75.6 degrees (I have
>incorrectly quoted this in older posts as around 30 degrees).  The peak
>voltage can reach 24kV as I am playing with the timing of the rotary sync


Hi Terry:

While it's clear how to adjust a simulation for optimal sync RSG timing,
how do you adjust a real coil?  Is it sufficient to simply rotate the
sync motor in it's cradle for maximum arc length, or do you scope the cap
charging voltage vs. AC mains voltage at a low variac setting and adjust
the motor phase, prior to cranking up to full power?  I know that it
would be bad to apply power when the phase is 90 degrees away from peak
(zero cap voltage at gap presentations)...

Regards, Gary Lau
Waltham, MA USA