Re: Arc welders as curent limiters

    I always thought that the best means of controlling current was the
choice of transformer you buy.  Inductive reactance can control it but, the
technique is obscure.  Under normal conditions it always works, until
there's a transient.  Use a current limiting resistor, or preferably an
inductive choke like a current transformer.  I found these things called
Current Transformers, and they are only High watt choke coils, and chokes
conserve power, and store as apposed to converting to heat like a resistor.
So, you can add a choke in series with the secondary, and the resulting
inductive reactance of the combined coils will limit the current at your
running frequency.


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Subject: Arc welders as curent limiters

>Original Poster: "Norman F. Stanley" <nfs-at-midcoast-dot-com>
>I've seen references on this list to the use of arc welders as current
>limiting devices in the primary circuits of large transformers for Tesla
>coil operation.  Although my application is non-TC, I do need to limit the
>current drawn by a 12 KVA 206 ro 30V transformer under short circuit
>conditions.  Could some kind soul explain how the welder is hooked up to
>perform this function?  Reply off-list if the subject is too off-topic.