Re: cap firing voltage scope measurements question

Hi all,
         I just had to add another musing to this topic. I think the 
voltage hike is really being "tuned in" by adjusting the rotary gap 
phase setting for best sparks. Again, I am amazed that a NST should 
take it on the nose without dying. I think the better option is to 
have a stiff transformer and a separate charging reactor in the 
secondary circuit to take half the charging voltage burden. Placing 
the choke on the primary side of the pig achieves the same end but 
then subjects the transformer secondary to the entire voltage rise.
    One can weigh up the pros and cons of where to place the inductor 
                        CONS                   PROS
Secondary side - high inductance needed   takes half Vcharge burden 
               - high V insulation reqd.
Primary side - low inductance needed       transformer primary and   
               (transformed to a large    secondary are stressed and 
             inductor by turns ratio^2)   core saturation may occur