Re: Arc welders as curent limiters

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: "Norman F. Stanley" <nfs-at-midcoast-dot-com>
> I've seen references on this list to the use of arc welders as current
> limiting devices in the primary circuits of large transformers for Tesla
> coil operation.  Although my application is non-TC, I do need to limit the
> current drawn by a 12 KVA 206 ro 30V transformer under short circuit
> conditions.  Could some kind soul explain how the welder is hooked up to
> perform this function?  Reply off-list if the subject is too off-topic.

Short the secondary (welding leads), hook the 240 volt input in
series with your tranny.  Use the heat control to set the current. 
Really that simple.  What I use on my neon bench to control my
bombarder (25kva pole pig).

If the 50-60 amp current isn't enough, go into the welder and remove
some turns from the primary.  


John De Armond
Neon John's Custom Neon
Cleveland, TN
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