RE: Introduction & Tube 833A

Hi Janne
Welcome to tube coiling.
The 833A is an excellent triode for tube coils.
Your quoted price is very reasonable for unused tubes.
Here are the specs:
Plate dissipation in watts: 450
Plate voltage: 4000v
Plate current: 500ma
DC Grid current: 100ma
Filament voltage: 10v
Filament current 12.3a
Grid voltage -at-~3000 plate voltage is ~ -300 to 350
These are max ratings, however, these are robust tubes
and are often used past ratings for short periods.
You can parallel tubes for more plate current, but watch
the plate voltage for flash over stress.

I suggest that you stay with a AC power for your 
oscillator and avoid top loads. Tube coils are insidious
for producing RF burns as they lack the loud spark noise
and generally (not always) produce beautiful brush corona
discharge and thus may be perceived not dangerous.
Safe coiling and good luck.

John W. Gudenas, Ph.D.
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Aurora University, Aurora IL 60506
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Hello.  This is my first post to the list so maybe I should 
introduce myself first? I'm quite young, only 16 years old and
I live in Finland. I have been reading the list for more than 
a year now and received lots of valuable information, so 
thanks everyone who has posted to the list =)
But now to the main reason for this post, the tube 833a...
I could get few unused 833a:s for cheap, only about 40usd piece,
or at least I think that it is quite cheap price for that tube (correct
me if I'm wrong?).  According to what I know about 833a it should 
be suitable for TC use, and now I would like to know that will it work
and if it will work then how well will it perform in tube driven tesla
In the past I have bought so much parts that I haven't been able to 
use after all, so now I want to be sure that I don't buy something I can't 
use. And I would also like to get specifications for that tube because I 
don't have the exact data.

Thanks in advance,