Re: Ball bearings with hole

To ball bearing drillers who are having a hard time!  Hardened steel can be 
by quenching red hot steel in a can of red hot sand. This sand will slow down 
the cooling and also make the bearings more uniformly soft (no hard spots ) . 
You can
drill, tap, solder, press-fit, etc, this ball and then re-heat treat it to a 
very hard condition by getting it red hot and quenching in oil, not water. 
 I have found that the EDM process is the perfect machining as "neon John's" 
text spells out, and that the electrode of choice is by far the graphite rod 
from inside of
a pencil...It deforms less and the ware is the least and you get a straighter 
Good day, and happy coiling.
Denis Despins  KC6TRW