Re: Ball bearings

At 05:20 PM 6/16/99 -0400, you wrote:
>True.  Of course if one just HAS to machine a hole in a ball
>bearing, the only way to do it in the hobby shop is EDM. Every
>teslaphile should know about EDM.  After all, we already have just
>about everything needed.  HV tranny, cap, wire, etc.

Even cobolt bits (that cut through everything else) and brand new files,
just slide on the flatened ball bearing steel surface!!!  That is darn hard
stuff!!!  A hand grinder will make flats in it very easily and now I am
going to just use high temp solder to attach it to brass rod.  Looks nice
and a test part I made seems rock solid.  I worry a little about the solder
melting but I have MOVs in the circuit too.

In retrospect, I could have found much better solutions.  However, this has
been a very fun and interesting adventure so far :-))