Re: Ball bearings

Tesla List wrote:
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> Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net wrote:
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> >I may end up using ball bearing electrodes to get a much
> >more stable firing voltage for the safety gaps.  I assume cobalt drill bits
> >will cut through ball bearings to mount the shafts that hold them?...
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> Hi Terry, etc.
> You're probably already aware of these, but just in case:
> You can get "tooling balls" in a myriad of sizes already mounted to various
> shafts with threaded ends (and some of the shafts do have a pretty stylish
> faceted look to add visual impact (!)).

True.  Of course if one just HAS to machine a hole in a ball
bearing, the only way to do it in the hobby shop is EDM. Every
teslaphile should know about EDM.  After all, we already have just
about everything needed.  HV tranny, cap, wire, etc.


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