Re: Ball bearings

to: Terry

If you could use brass balls --- I have a few hundred of them.  We use them
for safety gaps on large marchines.



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Subject: Ball bearings

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>Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net wrote:
>>I may end up using ball bearing electrodes to get a much
>>more stable firing voltage for the safety gaps.  I assume cobalt drill
>>will cut through ball bearings to mount the shafts that hold them?...
>Hi Terry, etc.
>You're probably already aware of these, but just in case:
>You can get "tooling balls" in a myriad of sizes already mounted to various
>shafts with threaded ends (and some of the shafts do have a pretty stylish
>faceted look to add visual impact (!)).
>Also, "metrology balls" (used for measuring tapped holes with a cmm, etc)
>are similar.
>I was surprised at how cheap they were last time I looked them up in a
>catalog like MSC's (mother of all catalogs).
>MSC or Carr Lane probably even carry balls with tapped holes.
>Then again, you do have a drill press....  :-)