Re: Thorated vs Pure Tungsten

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>Original Poster: "gary" <gary.pedro-at-championsms-dot-com> 
>you defiantly want to use pure green not 2% red tip the 2% is used for steel
>to help start the arc and steady it once it starts
>on a side note the last time I went to adjust the spark gap in my tig welder
>I looked at the circuit diag for the hf unit and it's a tc with high current
>dc riding on the hf.
>has anyone ever tried putting and argon jet on top of a coil when I have my
>tig argon on and hf on but not close enough to ground to strike an arc I get
>some cool streamers about 1/4 of an inch but the die off when I turn off the
>argon flow if I put a argon port on top of a coil I would think it would
>greatly increase the length of the streamers.

Yes - it doesn't work very well as the argon mixes with air too
quickly. Check out :