Re: Machinist wanted for tungsten finned spark gaps (links to

Jeff wrote:
>Well, I've heard on different occasions that single gaps sell for around 
>$50.  I made several medical-coil repros with 6 and 12 gaps in series, and 
>that would get expensive for a single machine at that price!

Nope.  From Lincoln - the breakdown is:
$7 for one tungsten tip/rod
$10 for the mating aluminum heatsink
$5 for a ceramic base.

I've purchased lots of them.  Can't go wrong.

Or if you are lucky and are *just* at the right place (Dayton Hamvention) 
you can get a ceramic base +4 rods + 4 heatsinks for the low low price of 
$5!  Life is good! :)

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-Bill (who uses tungsten for welding, of all things...)

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