RE: Thorated vs Pure Tungsten

you defiantly want to use pure green not 2% red tip the 2% is used for steel
to help start the arc and steady it once it starts

on a side note the last time I went to adjust the spark gap in my tig welder
I looked at the circuit diag for the hf unit and it's a tc with high current
dc riding on the hf.

has anyone ever tried putting and argon jet on top of a coil when I have my
tig argon on and hf on but not close enough to ground to strike an arc I get
some cool streamers about 1/4 of an inch but the die off when I turn off the
argon flow if I put a argon port on top of a coil I would think it would
greatly increase the length of the streamers.

Hi Reinhard,

	The sparks are thin purple blue that occasionally shoot from the edges.
Today I picked up some pure tungsten and cut it but I haven't tried it yet.

Apparently TIG rods come in all kinds of "flavors".  These are from NASCO
and they offer the following types:

2% Thoriated Tungsten
2% Ceria Tungsten
PURETUNG (pure tungsten)
1% Thoriated Tungsten

They are available in the following stock diameters:
1/16 "
3/32 "
1/8 "
5/32 "
3/16 "
1/4 "
3/8 "

They also come in the following lengths:
3 "
6 "
7 "
12 "
18 "

The guy at the shop said he could order any of these, although, I hate to
think what 18 inches of 3/8" would cost!  However, 3/8 inch tungsten
electrodes would run a lot of current!!

I'll see tomorrow if the pure tungsten cures the arcing.  If not, I'll try
to round the ends. If all else fails, I have brass rods that I could solder
1/4 inch steel balls to ;-)