*SUGGESTION* was Neonics wonderland!!!!

Terry, John, Malcolm, All,

May I offer a humble suggestion?  

There has been this long thread now, with the subject title
"Neonics wonderland!!!!"  I read the original post to the
List with this subject title, but I think the rest of the List's
threads using this same title in the subject line, have strayed
far away from the content of the original post.  Maybe Terry,
you could simply change the subject line to something more
generic like, "Thread # 377, cont'd." Or whatever.

Just a thought, as I (typically) surf through all the subject
title lines, to see which messages I want to spend the time to 
open and read, and which ones I don't.

Keep up the great work, Terry!

Best regards,
Bill Wysock.

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> >  Terry -
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> >  Your calcs assume that the primary capacitor is fully charged and
> >discharged at each bang. 

<big snip>

> Cheers,
> 	Terry
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