Re: 120bps vs 240bps tests

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<< I can adjust the phase of my 200BPS gap so that it only fires on
> alternate presentations,  ie. at 100BPS.  Funny enough, this also
> seems to be very close to the best firing angle for a purpose built
> 100BPS gap !  This is fortunate as I can compare 100BPS and 200BPS
> just by adjusting the phase of the gap.  Have you tried this ?
 					- Richie
 					- In sunny Newcastle.

Richie, all,

I just tried this, but the gaps still fired at 240 bps (as seen on
o'scope) when the phase was best for 120 bps.  Maybe if my
gap spacings were wider, it would work out for me.

John Freau   (in usually sunny NJ)