Re: Bang size and break-rate

  Finn -

  The tube shape would be the best provided the area of the copper is as
recommended by the program.

  John Couture


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>>   As mentioned before on this List the magnetic flux linking the primary
>> coil to the secondary coil is a function of current times turns normally
>> called "ampere turns". You can reduce the turns without affecting the
>> linkages if the primary current is increased. The problem is that coilers
>> not make the primary wiring large enough for the increased current. A
>> computer program should take this into account.
>Yes, maybe...
>> The JHCTES program
>> recommends a wire size (in square inches) to make this adjustment.
>Considering the skin-effect, would it not be more appropriate to suggest
>the _circomference_ of the wire, tube or strap ?.
>Cheers, finn
>>   John Couture