Re: Neonics wonderland!!!!

  Ed, All -

  I think you are correct because the NSTs heated up when I operated my
coils even without resonant charging. The NST is charging the primary
capacitor for only part of the 60 Hz sine wave before the spark gap
operates. Where is the extra load to give the over 900 watts?

  John Couture


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>"  Dr Resonance, All -
>  Would you hazard a guess as to what wattage the 15 KV  60 ma NST's
>produce in Tesla coil operation? This is not a trick question. I have
>contemplating this question for some time but so far have not come up
>with a
>reasonable answer.
>  John Couture"
> A lot more than 900 watts, with resonant capacitance loading and a
>large spark gap.  However, as the gap is increased, at some point the
>transformer will break down and all will become very, very quiet.