Re: Neon wiring

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<<  I was planning to use some combination of NST's
> to get 12kV, 180 ma for resonant charging with the .04 mF cap but have been
> reading lately about LTR caps and big caps, low bps and other conflicting
> opinions i.e. small caps, high voltage. John Freau said that he had
> previously posted on how to do something similar, I searched the archives
> and no luck. 
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
> Michael Doyle - Lab Technician >>


THe LTR caps with NST's are very good, but they won't work well 
with a static gap, a sync rotary is needed.  Resonant caps can run at
120 bps with a static gap, but the transformer may be destroyed
because the gaps often need to be quite wide to give strong results.
The technique I posted in the past is for use with a sync gap.  I've 
since changed the writeup to include LTR operation.  My set up is for
obtaining the absolute max performance from an NST.  Folks often
prefer to to push a system less vigorously.

John Freau