Re: Neonics wonderland!!!!

to: John

Good questions.  I think it would depend a lot on the spark gap setting.  We
usually run ours close --- 2 or 3 gaps set around .060 or .070 each with a
blower fan behind them.  I suppose one could freeze it on a storage scope
and calculate the area under the curve as an average value.  It is weird
because of their current control link, but primary power should equal
perhaps 110-115% of secondary power under operational load.   Just a guess.

How's your health??  Missed you this year but will get out there again next
winter.  I hear Nick at Highway Electronics might be selling off a lot of
goodies this winter as he's really getting old --- somewhere around 87 I



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>  Dr Resonance, All -
>  Would you hazard a guess as to what wattage the 15 KV  60 ma NST's would
>produce in Tesla coil operation? This is not a trick question. I have been
>contemplating this question for some time but so far have not come up with
>reasonable answer.
>  John Couture
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>>to: Barry
>>We carry 15 kV 60 mA units for $50.00.   Also, your warranty won't apply
>>a NST is used in Tesla coil service.  NST's are manufactured to provide 15
>>kV for a few seconds and then drop back to around 800 volts and provide a
>>steady current source.