Re: Bang size and break-rate

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> Original Poster: David Trimmell <davidt-at-pond-dot-net>

> Finn, how hard are you pushing your MMC's? Are you operating at peak AC=DC
> rating? Or 2X, 3X AC = DC?

This depends, I have run it for some time, now, at 28000 V gapbreakdown.
In fact I think this needs to be discussed further.
Are we talking RMS values or P--P values.
I set the gap to ignite, without the cap connected, at 20 kV RMS on the
transformer. This would be 20 kV peak, right?
Since the primary circuit swings 80 % opposite, the peak-peak swing
would be 28 * 1.8 =50.4 kV. The cap has 20 caps per string, each 1600
VDCr = 32 kVDC, so the abusefactor, would turn out to be:50.4 / 32 =
> I know Terry is experimenting with pushing the
> envelope on those Panasonic caps. 

Yes, I have got 2 strings similar to those, 10 pcs. 56 nF 1600 V,
waiting to get abused along with my usual cap, I`l try it out on monday.
> 30KV? Definitely lower C would be best at such higher voltages, wouldn't
> it? At least to keep dialectic losses down.

Yes, It seem like the RMS current is the killer of these caps, although
none have gone bad in tesla service, yet.

cheers, Finn

> Good luck!
> Regards,
> David Trimmell