Victoreen SGCA-2500D spark gap tests

Hi All,

	I got some of the Victoreen spark gaps and did a little low power testing
tonight.  They can easily be put in series for various voltages.  However,
they do not share current well.  It seems like the lowest firing voltage
part takes most of the load with the other parallel strings occasionally

	A single string would run hot in a 1kW coil!  The metal ends seem to get
quite warm but there may be a chance that immersing them in oil would allow
sufficient cooling.

	They are almost silent!  Only the output arcs can be heard.

	The output waveforms look very normal.  They quench on the second or third
notch (low power testing).  They seem to deliver low series resistance and
not have any problems doing the job.  Heat is the big concern I see so far.

	I have a hundred of them so I can have a lot of "fun" with them :-)  They
would make great safety gaps!  I imagine they will run until the soldered
end seals fall off.  I'll find out...