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> Hi John, All,
 >    Can your synchronous rotary gap be easily modified to fire only on
 >one polarity of the AC voltage waveform?  Suppose this were possible.
 >Suppose you fired on one polarity and then the other without changing
 >anything else.  Would the output streamer be of a different length or
 >character in each case?  Assumption: The firing takes place at the
 >peak for each case. >>

Hi Barry, all,

Yes, I can fire at 60Hz, with lock up to either polarity, but I don't
see how that would affect it, the RF will still be the same basically.
I guess the first oscillation would be of an opposite polarity in each
case though, is this what you're refering too?  Just happens I was
thinking of re-exploring 1xFmains firing rate.  So I may give it a try.

John Freau