Re: First light

	In general, I think the impulse to make a TC with fairly little 
expenditure is a good one.  Being a poor college student, I need to save 
all the cash I can.  I've spent probably two summers collecting scrap 
materials for a tesla coil-- I have decided recently to start building a 
magnifier with what I have:  about 20 lb. of 18 gauge solid copper wire 
(insulated) which will be the driver secondary--- a large poly barrel, and 
some 1/2 inch hardline aluminum coax for the driver primary.
	I also have 8 microwave oven transformers which I have experimented 
extensively with, and I have concluded that in order to make a suitable 
power supply with them I would need to arrange them in a center-tapped, 
staged, series/parallel configuration, submerged in insulating oil or 
wax.  I intend to acquire (hopefully with no expenditure) four or more of 
the heavy duty, large core type.  These usually have a polished appearance, 
have little transformer hum when connected, and will arc continuously 
without burning up.  Avoid transformers built by "Advance" transformer co 
(these are 4kv instead of 2, and handle less power, despite their large 
appearance) or any that have different voltage and current ratings.  The 12 
transformers will be arranged with six on either side of the center tap, 
with matched pairs of two, bottom fed for a maximum voltage of 12 kv from 
both sides of the array. To do this several things are required:  detach 
the lowest turn of the high voltage coil from the core on all of the 4 and 
6kv stages.  The 2kv stages won't need detachment, since they will be 
grounded anyway.  The output of the 2kv stage is tied together, fed into 
the 4kv ground, and the 4kv output is fed into the 6kv ground.  I have 
found that the 6kv stage is really the only one that needs insulation-- any 
un-insulated transformer being fed 4kv that is dishing out more than 2kva 
will burn up from core to coil breakdown.  To prevent this, the whole array 
will be bolted to a large hardwood board and placed upside down into a box 
of similarly heavy construction, and then backfilled with wax-- I think 
here I will use mineral oil with poly dissolved in it-- thanks to whoever 
came up with this idea.  Any comments would be appreciated about the 
configuration-- I'm not sure whether connecting the stages in parallel will 
result in stress on any of the Mots that aren't uniform.
	Brian-- to go back to your problem-- I think it is entirely possible to 
make an un-insulated MOT supply (under 2kva) that will put out anywhere 
from 60 to 120 ma at 12kv-- with no expenditure, if you can find the 
transformers for free.  All you need is six transformers, three for each 
leg, and a current limiter.  All that is needed for the current limiter is 
a seventh MOT, connected in series with the array, with the output 
shorted.  I have tried this in the last week, and after continuous arcing, 
none of the transformers were warm.