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>Original Poster: Michael Burton <mickb15-at-ozemail-dot-com.au> 
>    Greetings Terry and everyone.
>It's michael again.
>Here are the full specs of my ineficient coil. Once again, i'm looking 
>reasons I can only get 12" sparks from 1350 VA of input power.
>16turns 3mm Iron fencing wire, Neatly wound with 7mm spacing at 30 
>2nF (sorry i said 20 last time, it was typo)

I suspect that the primary material may be a problem, does it heat up at
all during a run?

 rolled poly cap

about 30nf I suppose? That would be good for three 15/30 NST's
>4.33" PVC. sanded, varnished, sanded, varnished.......
>22" winding of 22 Guage wire.

A little longer than i would have chosen, but should work fine.

>either an electric fence ground pole 2' in ground, or a pile of metal 
>rods not
>in the ground (results were the same using either)

The grounds are fine, but what are you using for the ground connection?

>Power supply:
>3 X 15Kv 30mA NSTs (I used the "poor schoolboy doing science project" 
>and scored 7 NSTs of which 6 worked, all in 1 afternoon).
>No torroid yet.. I'm just using a bolt for now.

Ahh... The kicker. Try a toroid!!!! or a sphere, or anything semi-smooth
(steel mixing bowls, etc.) Re-tune the primary, and the sparks should be
MUCH longer.

>I've found that best rtesults are acieved at around turn 12 on the 

Increase this when you add a terminal. Try 4"X18" for starters, but try
adding more, larger ones, too. I use one 4"X18" and a 6"X24" on top of
that. I get ~30" sparks from a 12/60 NST.

>this being around 12" arcs to a grounded pole.
>Another interesting note is that it works almost as well using any one 
>of the 3
>NSTs as it does using 3, and i have tested that each work and are all 
>in phase
>and well matched.

that IS interesting....

>Thanks all,
>    from michael.

-The Electrophile-
Grayson Dietrich
Medina, OH
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