Re: Primary Coil & MMC

Hi Travis,

	The base is 1+ inch thick high grade pine.  The hardware store sells them
for the do-it-yourself table tops (~$20).  The struts are hardwood with 1/4
inch notches cut into them with 1/8 inch spacing.  I took new copper tubing
and carefully guided it into the notches with minimal bending of the out of
the box roll.  I used thin brass tube to splice together two 50 foot
lengths but I think it comes in 100 feet too.  The struts have holes in
them that I threaded nylon twine through to tie the tubing in place.  the
trick to winding the tubing is to get it brand new out of the box and use
very little force or bending.  Just enough to get it into place.

The caps are 1600 volt .056uF metalized polypropylene from DigiKey.  Part
number P10516-ND.  See  www.digikey-dot-com for ordering info and such.  They
seem to be a hot seller these days :-))



At 07:32 AM 6/9/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Just wondering, how did you build that beautiful Primary I see here:
>I would LOVE to make one that looks that nice! What kind of wood is the
>base from too... I couldn't find much in circles, I could get a large
>sheet and use the jigsaw though.. ;)
>My primary just didn't turn out well.. lots of kinks in the pipe.. any
>hints for a beginner? 
>On the MMC, what are those caps you are using?