Re: Spaced Coil measurements.

"(1) there seemed to be an error in Wheeler's inductance formula which 
ranged from 20uH too low for the 38 turn coil to 9.5uH too low for 
the 10 turn coil. This translated into a difference of almost 50% 
too low for the 10 turn coil. Using an old favourite version of 
Wheeler which has 8.85r rather than 9r in the denominator made 
virtually no difference."

	Withe the appropriate "current sheet" corrections for such coils the
answers are wildly inaccurate.  See any handbook such as the "Radiotron
Designer's Handbook" for the correction terms.  In my 1941 edition they
are on page 142. 

	By the way, Malcom, one of the QuickBasic inductance programs I sent
you several years ago does include the current sheet corrections.