Re: Sync motor question

"If you take a typical high break rate TC, and simply replace the gap 
with a 120 bps sync gap, the sparks will probably get shorter,
because 120 bps sync gap systems need a big cap.  Actually a 
properly sized cap.  Non-sync operation lets you vary the break rate
to find the sweet spot in a sense.  In a 120 bps system, the TC has
to be designed to run in the sweet spot.  I posted a method for
designing TC's for 120 bps in the past, that starts out with the 
desired spark length, and works backwards from there to give the
desired toroid size, transformer size, cap size, etc."

	Others may disagree, but I have done some simulations here which I
trust.  They indicate that, running a synchromous gap at 120 pps,  it
would be easy to severely over voltage (until it or the capacitors
popped, of course) an NST with "matched" or series resonant
capacitance.  Depends on the phase of the sparks with respect to the
capacitor voltage.  Based on that, I'd be inclined to run at 240 pps or
more.  Besides, that gives you a really neat sound!