Re: Help with DC motor

don't waste that motor on TC use, sell it for other uses and buy 20 used
synch motors.

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Subject: Help with DC motor

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> Hi all,
> I acquired the following electric motor and was wondering if it could be
> modified for rotary spark gap use, (be persuaded to run at a higher rpm).
> It is a Baldor Spec# 34-4670-1483, 3/4hp at 1750rpm, armature is 90Vdc at
> 7.8A, field is either, (dependant upon wiring configuration), 100Vdc at
> or 50Vdc at 1.2A
> The motor is practically brand new, the brushes haven't fully seated yet.
> haven't tried to run it yet, but I did connect a 6V battery to the field,
> meter to the armature and gave the shaft a spin. It does generate.
> Thanks, Jon
> Jon Rosenstiel   jonr-at-pacbell-dot-net