Re: PVC diameter and cap question


You can use any thickness of PVC you want for your coilform - your
coil's performance will be virtually the same. Since the 6" pipe is
measured by ID (Inside Diameter), using the thicker Schedule 40 or 80
will make the outside diameter larger, increasing the secondary's
inductance a bit. Because thinner material is sometimes hard to find,
many coilers build their systems using Schedule 40, or even schedule 80.
Since you've located a source for thinner material, use it - a coilform
made from the 1/8" wall material will be both strong and lightweight.
It's the same material I've use on my 10" coil so I know that it'll work
- go for it! :^)

I believe someone mentioned awhile back that Fair Radio had sold out of
these 0.01 uF 100,000 VDC caps. There was some disucssion over just what
the dielectric system consisted of, since they did tend to warm up with
use. Based upon their relatively small size, the dielectric material was
quite likely Mylar. Mylar is much lossier than polyethylene or
polypropylene, and it does tend to sap energy from your system, heating
up in the process. However, a couple of coilers on this list have
reportedly used them with success as long as they kept runtimes short
with "cool down" time between runs. 

Safe coilin' to you! 

-- Bert --

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: Don Allen <dona-at-amigo-dot-net>
> Hello Folks,
> I've been running in difficulty trying to find a thin-wall PVC pipe. The
> hardware stores in my area (Crestone, CO) only carry thick wall 4" pipe.
> I did find a irrigation supply (Monte Vista, CO) that carries 6" PVC
> but it appears that the thinnest they have is about 1/8" thickness, or
> what they rate at 80 PSI. I've read Richard Quick's articles on this and
> he advises to get ahold of thinner pipe. I'd love to but it's not like I
> can just run down to Home Depot as my location is at least 60 miles
> from any major town and at least 5 hours from Pueblo and Colo Springs.
> If I'm unable to find thinner pipe, can I still use the 1/8" thick PVC?
> I'm proposing to build a 6" secondary with 24" winding area at 888
> turns of AWG 22 magnet wire. Transformer will be a 15kV 60ma
> NST.  Although I will probably go ahead with using salt-water caps
> with my first run, I did spot this at http://www.fairradio-dot-com/dchvca.html
> -- begin included text --
> A high voltage experimenter's dream! A compact 5"x10"x2.5" 0.01 MF
> 100,000 VDC capacitor removed from an exotic government project
> which used 100 of these in series! Nov '83 date codes; 1"L #12 stud
> ends, 7 lbs sh. #KM14-1000-10, $87.50
> -- end included text --
> Would this be robust enough to use for a cap in a tesla coil?
> Any comments would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Don
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