Re: PVC diameter and cap question

to: Don

Go to any large plumbing supply wholesale shop and ask for SDR  -- stands
for Sewer & Drain.  This is a thin-walled green colored PVC pipe and makes
great coils.  At wholesale suppliers it's sold in 20 ft. lengths.



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Date: Tuesday, June 08, 1999 4:08 AM
Subject: PVC diameter and cap question

>Original Poster: Don Allen <dona-at-amigo-dot-net>
>Hello Folks,
>I've been running in difficulty trying to find a thin-wall PVC pipe. The
>hardware stores in my area (Crestone, CO) only carry thick wall 4" pipe.
>I did find a irrigation supply (Monte Vista, CO) that carries 6" PVC
>but it appears that the thinnest they have is about 1/8" thickness, or
>what they rate at 80 PSI. I've read Richard Quick's articles on this and
>he advises to get ahold of thinner pipe. I'd love to but it's not like I
>can just run down to Home Depot as my location is at least 60 miles
>from any major town and at least 5 hours from Pueblo and Colo Springs.
>If I'm unable to find thinner pipe, can I still use the 1/8" thick PVC?
>I'm proposing to build a 6" secondary with 24" winding area at 888
>turns of AWG 22 magnet wire. Transformer will be a 15kV 60ma
>NST.  Although I will probably go ahead with using salt-water caps
>with my first run, I did spot this at http://www.fairradio-dot-com/dchvca.html
>-- begin included text --
>A high voltage experimenter's dream! A compact 5"x10"x2.5" 0.01 MF
>100,000 VDC capacitor removed from an exotic government project
>which used 100 of these in series! Nov '83 date codes; 1"L #12 stud
>ends, 7 lbs sh. #KM14-1000-10, $87.50
>-- end included text --
>Would this be robust enough to use for a cap in a tesla coil?
>Any comments would be appreciated.
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