Re: First light


Congratulations on first light.

In the past, I connected 4 MOT's in series with the midpoint of the inner
two core-grounded, and the cores of the outer two were connected to
the hot leads of the inner two.  In a dark room, I could see some 
corona sparking between the core and winding of the outer MOT's 
during operation of the
TC.  The set up gave about 62" sparks or so.  I arranged the primaries
in series parallel, and used 240V input.  With no ballasting, the system
drew 6kW, with ballasting it drew about 4kW and gave the same spark
length.  MOT's are current limited to a degree.  It might help to put the
two outer MOT's in an oil bath.

If more than the rated voltage is applied to the input of a MOT,
the cores will saturate, causing a great amount of heat and inefficiency.
MOT's have a minimal amount of iron and copper, and don't like
higher than normal input voltages.  Also, higher than normal input
voltages will make voltage breakdown even more likely.  Even with
a transformer of more generous construction, applying double the
rated voltage is a no-no.  High quality transformers might work
reasonably well at 125% rated input voltage or so.

John Freau