Help with DC motor

Hi all,
I acquired the following electric motor and was wondering if it could be
modified for rotary spark gap use, (be persuaded to run at a higher rpm).
It is a Baldor Spec# 34-4670-1483, 3/4hp at 1750rpm, armature is 90Vdc at
7.8A, field is either, (dependant upon wiring configuration), 100Vdc at 0.6A
or 50Vdc at 1.2A
The motor is practically brand new, the brushes haven't fully seated yet. I
haven't tried to run it yet, but I did connect a 6V battery to the field, a
meter to the armature and gave the shaft a spin. It does generate.

Thanks, Jon
Jon Rosenstiel   jonr-at-pacbell-dot-net