Re: First run 6.5

  I'm running a 6.5" coil. I'm using a plate cap .026 Uf, 14.4 Kv at 1.2 to 
10 Kw. My average spark length is over 90". If you are using a 4 Kv at 30 ma 
and getting 9" arcs I would say thats fantastic. If you use two 12 Kv 30 ma, 
transformers I would expect 45 - 50 " arcs. I base this on my personal 
experience, not mathmatics.

Paul M

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>Subject: First run 6.5" coil- odd results? (fwd)
>Date: Sun, 06 Jun 1999 11:01:10 -0600
>Original Poster: Chip Atkinson <chip-at-pupman-dot-com>
>Date: Sun, 6 Jun 1999 11:58:19 EDT
>From: LUGNUT00-at-aol-dot-com
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>Subject: First run 6.5" coil- odd results?
>	Since I'm new to the list, let me introduce myself. My name is Scott,
>or "Lugnut" and I am very new to coiling. I wanted a good start, so I made
>and bought everything for my coil, except for Xformer...:_( Chances are I 
>doing something wrong but don't know it. I heard that my results were odd 
>to my Xformer, tell me what you think.
>      Well, here's my stuff:     right now I'm getting 8" sparks maybe 9".
>      secondary-6.5" OD PVC 1/4" thick  wound to 26" 22 or 24 gauge...I
>  	primary- flat pancake, 1/4" copper tubing spaced 1/4"
>  				13 turns total.
>  	capactitor- salt water type, 15 totally assorted bottles in a 10
>       gallon fish tank-no oil and I'm not getting flashover. Probrobly due 
>       my transformer's lack of power.
>  	Xformer- right now I have a horrble, beat up, but working 4000 volt
>       30mA..
>  	Spark gap- 4 gaps at about 1 millimeter each.
>  	There are no bypass caps or safety gaps.
>       Discharg terminal- Use everything from a nail to a 7" sphere. After
>       tuning, I get the best results from the sphere, about 8" sparks. I 
>       to use a nail to get sparks to the air, they get about 6" in the 
>(really 	   	dim, but I can feel, them <ouch!>.
>  	Problem- I have no real idea if I am doing well or not because nobody
>       that I've heard of uses the weak transformer that I have. If I buy 
>       12kv-at-30mA NST's, will I get 12x the sparks? That almost sounds
>                    12x9!
>       By the way, I'm 14 and showed my science teacher, she looked at it 
>       I was doing something wrong...hmmmmm...maybe I am. Please help me 
>  	or even comment on my coil. I even need a name of sorts...you people
>are 	the best!
>  Thanks,
>  Scott

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