Re: mica cap death

Hi Steve,

BIG snip

> Anyway.........  The upshot is that I'll be in the market for some of
> these wonderful MMC beasties, and as I've got a 25KV Transformer, I
> think I'll be needing rather a lot.....

Well not really. If you use a low voltage xformer (like me), you need a
low Lpri and a high C. Your gap will have to be able to quench kA.
I donīt need a lot of Cīs in series, but more chains in parallel. You,
on the other hand, need a big Lpri and a small C. For your setup,
you need very few strings, but each string needs a lot of caps (for
the voltage). This is one of the great things about the MMC. With
a simple change of wiring, you can go from a low voltage to a
high voltage setup. The bottom line is, with MMCs, you pay for the
Joule. It makes no difference if it is a high or low voltage Joule ;o).

(Trust me the MMC will outlast your mica caps with ease ;o). Iīve
clocked ~3hrs run time on my MMC up to now and no signs of

Coiler greets from germany,