Hi Aron, all

I wrote:
> Before commenting on these, could you give us further info, please:

Aron answered:
>1. don't know.
>2. about 1" long 3/4" tall
>3. Philips
>4. I would sell them for $.25 each
>5. don't know.
>6. don't know.

I was almost ready to give up, until I read this ;o))

> Original Poster: "Aron" <kc5uto-at-wt-dot-net>
The info on the cap reads as follows:
6n2 J 2000v PHILIPS
376 KP/MMKP HQ 91 17

I would GET these caps, while they last. Here is the

Dielectricum is Polypropylene
There dv/dt is rated at 10,000V/µsec -> Imax would be 62A
Loss factor is 15*10^-4
Vdc = 2kV
Vac= 600V
Vpp = 1700V
Cap tolerance is +/- 5%
The caps are graded as general purpose use
Lead pitch is 22.5mm
Size: 8.5x18x26 mm
Extended foil design

Now to decypher your mentioned cap:

6n2  = 6.2nF
J = Tolerance class = 5%
2000v = 2kvDC
PHILIPS = manufacturer
376 = "series" number
KP/MMKP = Dielectric material
HQ = country/factory origin
91 17: This specific cap was built in the 17th week of 1991.

A coiling buddy on the GTL (Finn) is running exactly this 376 series
(different C value) with great sucess. For 6.5 cents each, I would buy
the whole stock (and ask if they can get more). You have nothing to
lose with these caps at that price. Such an offer doesn´t come very
often. You can bet your socks, that the usual list price is probably
around 35-45 cents each. However, if you sell them to other
members, please stay fair in the price rating (25c vs. 6.5c is a bit
steep). Remember this list is not to make profit, but to help one
another out.

Coiler greets from germany,