Re: The forever ongoing upgrade

Hi Rich,

At 01:13 AM 6/6/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi all:
>	Since our revamped Tesla coil is up and running, it's going back to 
>the high school for more demo's.  My son's science teacher is becoming a fan.
>	While the coil is out of the house, I'm going to build a new 
>secondary.  I have some 4" PVC pipe and 1/2 pound of 22 gage wire.  What I 
>can't decide is weather to build a 16" or a 20" coil.  And do I have enough 
>wire for the task?  Any comments would be appreciated.

I would go with 20 inches to provide more clearance from the top terminal
to the primary to prevent secondary to primary arcs.

22 guage wire is about 500 feet per pound.  Sounds like you have 250 feet.
One turn on your 4.25 inch pipe will use 1.1 feet of wire.  22 Guage is
about 0.0266 inches thick so you will be able to only go 225 turns or 6
inches.  Sounds like you need two pounds of wire.



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