Re: Sweet (and sour) spots, was 120bps vs 240bps tests


> In these tests, I ran the TC at various power levels, and with two
> different toroid sizes, to see how far the spark length would vary
> from the square law predicted lengths.  Spark length shortfalls from
> predicted lengths might mean that the coil is becoming inefficient in
> some cases, or in other cases it could mean that the square law
> is not precise for predicting TC spark lengths as the power input
> changes.


Again, excellent experimental work.  As conducted, spark efficiency appears
to fall off as predicted by the inverse square law with decrementing power
input.  This same data may also be analysed and concluded that spark
efficiency appears to improve as predicted by the inverse square law with
increasing power input.  This raises the question of whether increasing
power really improves system efficiency or do our TC systems really not
follow the inverse square rule?