Re: Wireless Energy Transmission

> Original Poster: "Harvey Norris" <tesla4-at-excite-dot-com> 

>    I have found that a neon bulb placed between a ground pole and a 60 hz
> resonant coil connected between the midpoints of resonance will convey a
> blinking of conduction at high frequency. This blinking is approximately
> same as the predicted 8 hz earth resonant frequency. Yet when the
> is made to the aluminum siding of the house the same fast blinking takes
> place. We should think then that the polar capacity of the house aluminum
> siding matches that of the earth? Me thinks not.

More likely, you are measuring the earth's electric field with a relaxation
oscillator. The "60 Hz resonant coil" forms a field pickup probe and
capacitor, relative to earth. As the voltage increases, eventually, it
reaches the 60-70 volts necessary to light the neon, which discharges the
cap, and the process starts over. The blink rate is proportional to the E
field magnitude.

The electric field of the earth is typically around 1 kV/meter, except
during thunderstorms, when it gets somewhat higher (10-20 kV/meter). 

I believe there was a nice description of this sort of thing on the
highvoltage list last year, and also, I believe it was in the Amateur
Scientist back in the '70's.