Re: MMC caps?

Hi Aron,

> Original Poster: "Aron" <kc5uto-at-wt-dot-net>
> I found a good source of .0062uf 2kvdc caps for a good price. I used 5
> strings of 6 with a 9kv 30ma neon and got 12" arcs out of my 3" tc. I
>would think I am over powering them, but they don't even get warm
>on long runs.
> Would it be particle to use these for a larger coil? Also, I can get
>great number of them (1000's) cheap.

Before commenting on these, could you give us further info, please:

1.) What is the dielectric used in these caps.
2.) Physical size
3.) Manufacturer
4.) What would they cost (just out of interest).
5.) Maximum dv/dt (rise time in V/µsec)
6.) Internal construction (i.e: do they use metal FOIL endplates)

Here are a few general comments (from my past experience with MMC´s):

I run my MMC at peak AC = DC rated voltage. Up to now (total around
3hrs run time), I have seen no ill effects. Mine don´t get warm either,
(I´m running around 600A peak current at the moment). Terry has
been playing around with the EMMC (copyright T.F.). He runs his at >>>
voltage (per cap), than any manufacturer´s specs would let you believe.
See the archives for more info. 6.2nF per cap is rather small. This
means you will be limited to rather small amperage per cap (and per
cap string). However, don´t despair. As the capacitance per cap (and
per string) is low, you will need many strings in parallel. As all caps
(and strings) are equal, at least to manufacturer´s specs, the current
will be divided up equally. So you can indeed use these caps. You will
just need a large amount for a big coil. Please see my other post to
Alan Sharp on MMC´s for more info.

Coiler greets from germany,