Re: Starting a Teletype sync motor question

>>My teletype motor uses a cap marked "88-108 MFD, 125VAC 60 cycles", a
>>curious rating.  It measures 137 uF on my c-meter.  It seems to be very
>>lightweight for it's capacitance compared with other motor starting caps
>>I've seen, perhaps because it's only rated for very low duty cycles.
>>Maybe the cap you're using is too small?
>>Regards, Gary Lau

>        That's most interesting.  Never heard of a TTY sync motor using
>an electrolytic starting capacitor, which is what you are referring to! 
>What kind of TTY?

It was (I think) an old ASR-33 teletype machine, the kind with the
built-in paper tape punch.  Found it in the "Take me home free" section
of a hamfest.

The cap is further marked: 
Industrial Condenser Corporation
Royalistic Capacitor
Long Life
88-108 MFD
125VAC 60 cycles
Motor Starting Capacitor

It does appear to be a dual section electrolytic, with just the (+)
terminals used, essentially in series, although there are no markings to
confirm this.

Regards, Gary Lau
Waltham, MA USA