Re: Wireless Energy Transmission

To Dr. Skrocki, All:

I agree with Alfred.  I was fortunate enough, to be given a
Croatian version of Tesla's Colorado Springs Notes (which
preceeded the English version, published by Beograd.)  There
are additional bits of information in that version, that did not
get included in the English book release.  I have not been able
to get this version translated into English, but have, over the
years, endevored to make comparisons between the two.

For a number of years, the International Tesla Society, had
a "copy" of the Beograd book release for sale.  I noticed some
deletions in that version, from the Beograd edition.  However,
at the time, their price seemed reasonable; (about $40.00, I think.)

I am not (personally) aware of any other "versions" of CSN, be
it Barnes and Noble, or anyone else.

Beograd, the publisher of all the (may I still call them "original"
Tesla books, after his death,) also published "Lectures, Patents,
and Articles," in 1956, and "Tribute to Tesla, Articles, Letters
and Documents," in 1961, as well as a smaller publication
entitled "Centenary of the Birth of Nikola Tesla 1856-1956"
in 1959.  I personally purchased all these books from a book
importer in New York City, Arthur Vanous-Importer of Books.

Each of the three main published books, "Lectures, Patents,
Articles," "Tribute to Nikola Tesla" and "Nikola Tesla, Colorado
Springs Notes 1899-1900," bare the embossed offical seal of the
Nikola Tesla Museum, Belgrade.

To the best of my knowedge, each of these books are authentic,
and the best possible references, to (most all) of Tesla's life-long

Of course, Leland I. Anderson, John T. Ratzlaff and the perennial
Richard Hull (of TCBOR fame,) also deserve credit, for bringing
"modern" views of Tesla's works, to the publishing landscape,
not to mention Dr. William  H. Terbo (grand nephew of Tesla,)
and Mr. Nick Basura, of Los Angeles, (who for many years has
endevored to bring Tesla's name out of obscurity and into the
public's consciousness, and who was one of the key individuals
who "spearheaded" the campeign to have a commemorative
U.S. Postage stamp in Tesla's honor.)

And still, there are others:  Inez Hunt and Wanetta W. Draper
for their publication "Lightning in his Hand: The Life Story of
Nikola Tesla," Margaret Cheney's book "Tesla: Man out of Time,"
and Dr. Marc J. Seifer's book "The Life and Times of Nikola
Tesla: Biography of a Genius."  

Also to be noted (for long time readers on Tesla) are the first two
books that seem to have started this re-awakening process on 
Tesla: John J. O'Neill's "Prodigal Genius, The Life of Nikola
Tesla," and an associate of Tesla's for many years, Thomas
Commerford Martin's book entitled "The Inventions, Researches
and Writings of Nikola Tesla," originally published in December,

I must also state that while it seems, at present, that the 
International Tesla Society (ITS) has dissolved, my understanding
is that there may be hope of reforming this once great organization,
in the near future.  I am also reminded of the Tesla Warednclyffe
Project (TWP,) who now holds all of Leland Anderson's priceless
Tesla photographs archive, and the original Tesla Memorial
Society, some of who's members' I have had the pleasure of
corresponding with, over the years.

While it is true, that many of these organizations, societies and
efforts have little to do (directly) with "coiling," they non-the-
less, have everything to do with the very roots of why we all
became acquainted with one another, on this Tesla List.

(Sorry Alfred, for climbing on my "soap-box.")

Best regards,

Bill Wysock.

And thanks also, must be given to this Tesla List, and all the
fine people who subscribe to it, support it, and maintain it.

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> >>My copy of Tesla's
> >>Diary is an original, (copyright 1978, Nikola Tesla Musuem,
> >>Beograd.)
> >Does this, in any way, imply that the different Colorado Spring Notes
> >are not the same.  Is there any significant difference in publishers 
> >and/or revisions available?
> The original issues from Beograd, Yugoslavia are not only THE Authentic
> issues, but
> they are better made as well. Being made of sewn signatures and cloth
> bound, other issues by other publishers come in everything from
> bootlegged, sloppy "Xerox" copies to ok'ish printed paper bound issues.
> As with everything associated with Dr. Tesla there are A LOT of scams out
> there selling illegal copies for prices up to $500. per issue! There was
> some question as to whether the Barnes and Noble issue was bootleg or
> not, but either way they are probably your best overall deal.
>                                             Sincerely
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