Re: 120 bps vs. 240 bps comparison tests

Hi John,
         Thank you kindly for agreeing to perform these expts:

> Original Poster: FutureT-at-aol-dot-com 

> Thanks for the futher info.  So if for instance the input power and Cp
> is doubled, then Cs (total) will have to double too.  In the case where
> I use 570 watts to get the 42" spark using the 4" by 17" toroid, If I
> then double the input power to 1140 watts, the required toroid size
> to double Cs total would be quite large.  If we assume the original
> Cs is 30pF (7pf in coil, 23pf in toroid), then we need 60pF in the 
> new high power setup.  I suspect that a 53pF toroid will be 
> "too large" for best results, and who knows, it might really crimp
> the spark output and limit it to 42".  In any case, it would probably
> need a break out point to permit breakout, unless it has a 
> relatively small minor diameter.

That might be so if the voltage is too low for the new ROC. Perhaps a 
bump to keep minimum ROC constant might be useful.

> I could probably start with a 3" by 10" toroid, at 0.0077uF
> for Cp, at a certain input power that gives one streamer at 120bps,
> then install the 0.0147uF cap, and ~double the input power, and
> verify same Vp on scope,  and use the 6" by 26" toroid (which 
> hopefully might give a doubling of Cs), and see what kind of 
> spark length I obtain.  Let me know if you see any problems
> with this proposed test, or can recommend any improvements
> in the test approach.

Sounds exactly what the test needs. Many thanks again. I'm looking 
forward to hearing the results.