Arcstarter "strikes" in Dayton

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Cliff wrote:
>Last evening Bill,(The Arcstarter), gave a Tesla coil program for the
>Dayton Ham, (Sparkers), Club. He did a great job. We coilers were
>outnumbered by 25 to 2, but that didn't bother Bill one microamp! He
>played a Tesla vido and did a show & tell on his RQ spark gap and 

Yep - that video was of Chuck Curran's #4 coil blowing forth some nice 
15 foot arcs!

>the mysterious spark gap he is creating. I am sure he will let the list 
>on his secrets when he gets this new design working.

No big secret - a bunch of tungsten carbide end mill inserts brazed onto 
copper tubing - arranged as the parallel metallic plates of a quenched 
gap.  Air or distilled water flows through the tubing in an attempt to 
keep the gap cool.  I built this beast for my induction heater but it 
works great for coiling too!
>"That which does not kill us will only make us stronger"

Hmm.  That's debatable! :)

Thanks, Cliff,  for the compliments.  I think most people enjoyed the 
evening!  You really ought to go down to the "Gray Museum Of Radio" in 
the channel 48 building downtown.  It's filled with all sorts of ancient 
quenched gaps, RSGs, alternator hf generators, etc!

-Bill Pollack (The Arcstarter)
Starting arcs in Cinci, OH

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