Re: Tesla Coil Photography

I've never shot my coil, but I've shot lots of similar dark things.
Basically I'd fire up the coil, manually set a wide aperature, and note what
the camera chooses for a shutter speed. Then I'd start off with a quicker
shutter speed and gradually lengthen the time the shutter is open for each
shot. I'd let the camera open and close the shutter up to it's limit - mine
allows up to 30 seconds - but keep everything in manual. Use a Bulb setting
and cable release for longer shots than you camera will allow. I'd shoot the
whole roll at various aperature and shutter speeds, and write down the
settings for each shot. Then you will know what settings are right for your
conditions. Obviously, the longer the shutter is open, the more sparks you
will capture, but they may tend to blur together.


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