Antique Tesla Coil blueprints and specs...FINALLY!


is a link to some coil specs of Antique machines, dating 1896-1920s.
Many other specs will be added, as I dig them out of the closet and dust off 
my vernier calipers.

Most exciting will be small portable machines by Frank S Betz, H.G. Fischer, 
Bleadon Dun, A.S. Aloe, and [hopefully] Campbell, Browne, Knott, and a few 
other oldies but REAL goodies that deliver up to 6 types of currents of 
varying voltage, current, and frequency for different effects and "medical" 
and are WITHOUT DOUBT some of the best designed/efficient Tesla Coils in the 
last 100 years!

Also I will clearly explain the differences in these currents, and their 
effects on the human body, geissler tubes, and relationships to Tesla 
related experiments and a little history of how they came about as well.  
Most novel of all are the different styles of resonator coils and spark gaps 
used in these machines.  Some didn't work well, and others were engineering 
marvels.  Best example I can think of is my Portable Betz High Frequency 
Ozone X-ray Machine, that draws under 1 amp -at- 100 volts, and throws a [knock 
you on your butt] 6" spark between terminals.

Hope to hear from more of you with these sorts of machines...

Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum...

"Home of the scariest Geissler Tubes on the planet..."
One of the most peculiar places in Florida, and there's some
mighty stiff competition!

Jeff Behary jeff_behary-at-hotmail-dot-com
"Quack Medical mountain of useless trivia".

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