Re: coil pictures and observations

Hi Stan,

> Original Poster: Stan <sdarling-at-columbus.rr-dot-com>


> I also noticed that if I run my coil for more than about 45 seconds
> continuously, the spark length drops off dramatically to almost
> nothing.  The longer I let it sit before refiring, the longer the
> spark.  I'm assuming that this is due to the poor quenching of my
> two-bolt gap?

Correct. Your gap is overheating and losing itīs ability to quench.
It is also very probable that it is firing at a much lower voltage
(due to pre-ionization) once it gets hot. Go for a flat static gap.
Personally, I donīt like the RQ/TCBOR cylindrical gap for a
number of reasons. Try to use as many gaps as you can. This
will ALWAYS improve your coilīs output. It is better to go for a
large number of gaps, which are spaced very narrow, then to
use a few gaps with a large spacing.  My 8" coil runs with 600A
of peak primary current and I use a 10 gap setup (for a 7500V
xformer). I donīt use any kind of cooling fan in this setup. The
600A does seem to be the limit for such an uncooled setup,
using 22mm Cu pipe (~3/4"). My spark length will start dropping
off after about 15 minutes of continuous operation. However,
since I rarely do this and I will be using a RSG in my final setup,
this is of little concern to me.

Coiler greets from germany,