Re: What's wrong ? (Was:MMC partial failure)

Hi Nick,
    Try changing the primary tank capacitance and retune.  See if anything
happens.  You could also try putting an AC capacitor across the transformer
primary.  If it is ferroresonance then the spark gap frequency will change.
With a half hour run into a shorted secondary I would like to know the brand
name of your MMC capacitors!

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Subject: What's wrong ? (Was:MMC partial failure)

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> Hi All,
>          after my last post I headed straight for the garage and ran the
> flat out for 1/2 hour with the secondary shorted and the gap as wide as it
> could
> go to see if the cap would fail from over voltage but the darn thing just
> won't blow.  I checked all the caps afterwards for warming but they
> even slightly warm.
> It is nice to know that my system will run for 1/2 hour without anything
> melting, exploding or breaking down, but as the pulsed arc problem
persists I
> would still like to get to the bottom of this.
> Perplexed in GB
> Nick Field