Re: it works!

At 11:14 PM 7/26/99 -0600, Tesla List wrote:

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>This may be irresponsible advice but I just put the gap as wide as I can get 
>it and I have about 1 hours run time and haven't lost a neon yet ( fizz, 
>bang - Oh ****) And I don't run the gap across the neon.

Can you say "playing the odds" ? Sure you can.

>Who needs a safety gap, the only capacitor I have ever lost was killed by the 
>safety gap taking it over the dv/dt ratings - I've run without one ever since 
>and as your cap isn't reso you probably don't need one.

It's your NST and your choice..but I'll keep my safety gap. It's always a good
idea to protect the neon, unless, of course you actually enjoy re-potting or
buying another transformer when... -not if- ...the "fizz bang - Oh sh*t" 
incident inevitably happens. 


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