RE: Water Water Everywhere

Yuri: In all honesty, probably not. If I recall, those are PET (Mylar) and
rather lossy. They'd get hot pretty fast due to the poor dissapation factor.
In addtion, there probably is not enough material to prevent punch-through
at even 12KV.
Michael Baumann
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> We've all probably seen what I'm talking about. They are common in office
> buildings. They are water dispencers with two little spouts, one
> for hot and
> one for cold water. They have a little paper cup dispencer. And they have
> one HUGE water bottle on the top, made of sturdy, hard plastic, probably
> about two or three feet tall. My question is, would one of these
> make a good
> (albeit heavy) salt-water capacitor?
> -Yuri Markov
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