Re: it works!

Hi Stan,
            Nice One !!!!
I wish I could get neons that big over here ..... Oh well
Your coil sounds pretty much like a clone of mine so all the stuff that 
improved mine should work on yours. 
The toroid could be bigger as could the primary cap but your main problem is 
definitely the spark gap.  A simple linear RQ gap will work much better than 
the 2 bolts you have at the moment (my little coil went from 13" to 18" arcs 
off a 6/60 when I changed the gap)  
Keep your secondary as close as you can to your primary without racing arcs 
down the secondary - so start with it level with the secondary then move it 
up if you get break down.
This may be irresponsible advice but I just put the gap as wide as I can get 
it and I have about 1 hours run time and haven't lost a neon yet ( fizz, 
bang - Oh ****) And I don't run the gap across the neon.
Who needs a safety gap, the only capacitor I have ever lost was killed by the 
safety gap taking it over the dv/dt ratings - I've run without one ever since 
and as your cap isn't reso you probably don't need one.
If you do choose to use a safety gap then set it by running the system as 
normal then adjusting it till it just doesn't fire.
The mmc shouldn't get warm, if it ever does there is something wrong.

Well done, great 1st coil
Nick Field